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Host, Norah Ruth Amstutz

Guest, Cristal Sabbagh

Cristal Sabbagh’s interdisciplinary practice includes traditional portraiture, ceramics, and performance. Her practice looks outward to portraits of the world around, taking the forms of traditionally drawn portraits, figurative ceramic sculptures, and nontraditional portraits on ceramic mugs. Sabbagh labors over each piece, that act as homage and memorials and are a resistance to white-supremacy. Not only do these works infuse the user’s everyday coffee and tea rituals, but their ceramic forms will stand the test of time, potentially outliving the user by thousands of years and leaving traces of how we lived recorded by Sabbagh’s hand. She is the creator and curator of Freedom From and Freedom To events that are improvisational performance environments which interrogate movement and sound. In 2021 Cristal was awarded a 3Arts / Make a Wave Artist grant.

Guest, Jennifer S. Kaplan

Jennifer Kaplan is a Full Time Visiting Lecturer at University of Tennessee in Knoxville and recently finished a year long residency at Armory Art Center where they taught a myriad of courses ranging from ceramic chemistry to figure sculpture, wheel throwing and altering as well as soda-firing workshops. They earned their MFA from Notre Dame and BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, in between which Jenn taught ceramics at Penguin Foot Pottery and Marwen in Chicago for several years. Jenn’s ceramic practice blooms out of a magnetic love of teaching, the variety of processes involved, and finding the edge of what clay is capable of. Their work is a sensitive reflection of the delicate entanglements between human and non-human living organisms, frequently thrown, altered, and figurative. Jenn has shown in the Norton Museum of Art, Red Lodge Clay Center, Companion Gallery, Kansas City Clay Guild, Saratoga Arts Center, Women Made Gallery as well as many more.

Guest, Jesse Woodworth

Guest, Julia Whitney Brown

Julia Whitney Brown is a local potter from Kalamazoo, MI. Her and her husband moved to Kalamazoo five years ago to start Tiny Giant Farm- a successful organic vegetable farm and pottery studio. Julia has created work for over a decade with everyday use and food in mind. With it’s simple and traditional designs taken from French Provincial pottery, her pottery practice demonstrates the values of modesty and active listening through the creation of objects intended to be a frame for something larger than itself; ie. the ritual of eating. She believes utopia/heaven/a-hiddenreality-of-goodness is tucked away in plain sight within ordinary experiences like good food, well made objects, and meaningful relationships.

Guest, Mark Nafziger

Archbold, OH