The Michiana Pottery Tour includes a great number of artists at multiple locations across northern Indiana and southwestern Michigan. The two day tour takes place on the final Saturday and Sunday of September every year.

We’re interested in promoting the Michiana region as a hub for contemporary ceramics. Michiana has been home to many clay artists for more than 4 decades. Its also a new home for many new and emerging ceramic talents. We’ve been building a legacy in clay for many years, and here’s a video to tell you about it.

We hope you enjoy the region, the potters, and the beautiful countryside as much as we do.

Date and Time:

The last weekend in September. 10 AM thru 5 PM EST on Saturday and 11 AM thru 4 PM EST on Sunday.

About the Artists:

Many of the participating artists are local to Indiana and Michigan, however several guest artists from states across the country will also be participating. This tour is a great opportunity to view a wide variety of work and discover new local artists.

For more information on individual artists visit our Artists page.

Parking and Payment:

Free parking is available at each location of the tour. There is no charge for attending the tour. Feel free to stop by and visit any location throughout the weekend.