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Host, Sadie Misiuk

Guest, Dylan Quackenbush

Nashville, IN


My studio is north of Nashville, Indiana. Just off of SR135, turn right onto a back road, 2 miles through the Wagler’s cow pastures, and across the road from a secluded plant nursery and cafe; this is where you will find my working studio and soda kiln. My studio is situated on an old retired farm, which I take care for. All My work is soda fired to cone 10.

Guest, Brett Sauve

Warren, MI


Guest, Anna Szafranski

Guest, Tim Kowalczyk

Guest, Dow Redcorn

Dow Redcorn is a full-time ceramic artist living and making functional wheel thrown pots in Atlanta, Georgia. Making ceramics for approximately ten years, Dow is primarily self-taught through craft school workshops and community clay centers. He loves carving leather hard clay and finishing his work with underglazes, utilizing an airbrush for multicolored ombre’ finishes or illustrating trees and forests.

Guest, Susan Messer McBride

My current series is ‘Same Body/Different Fire’. Over the past few years I’ve worked primarily with white stoneware to investigate how different one clay body can look in a variety of firing atmospheres. I have wood fired, wood fired/reduction cooled, soda fired, wood and salt fired, as well as a selection of high fire/cone 10 and mid range/cone 6 pots, representing work finished in Chicago, Plano, Illinois and Todos Santos, Mexico. Each pot, each human, receives a trial by fire at some point in its life cycle. I believe clay has the power to heal both the maker and the user of each form. Created by one individual for another, clay invites all of us to its table.

Guest, Alex Paat