2019 Michiana Pottery Tour

The Eighth Annual Michiana Pottery Tour!

Date and Time

Saturday, September 28

10am – 5pm EST

Sunday, September 29

11am – 4pm EST


Download and print a pdf version of the map:


This year we have a great addition for visitors – the Pottery Tour Passport!

You can pick up a passport at any of the 7 locations. If you get your passport stamped at all 7 locations you will be entered in a drawing to win pottery made by the participating artists!

Michiana Pottery Tour Passport


Get updates from the tour and participating artists.


Stop 1: Mark Goertzen

  • Troy Bungart
  • Samantha Hostert
  • Chris Chaney

Stop 2: Brandon “Fuzzy” Schwartz

  • Andrew Linderman
  • Kathy Strang
  • Denise Schwartz
  • Alec Hoogland

Stop 3: Dick Lehman

  • Tameria Martinez
  • Irina Gladun
  • Stephanie Galli
  • Brent Skinner

Stop 4: Justin Rothshank

  • Martha Grover
  • Sarah Pike
  • Seth Green
  • Amelia Stamps
  • Eric Heerspink
  • Keith Hershberger

Stop 5: Sadie Misiuk

  • Jillian Cooper
  • Dow Redcorn
  • Jacob Hostetler
  • Jennifer Beachy

Stop 6: Zach Tate

  • Joel Pisowicz
  • Tim Kowalczyk
  • Lorie Marsh
  • Amy Smith

Stop 7: Goshen Clay Artists Guild

Thanks for a Great 2019 Tour!

Thanks to everyone who made the 2019 Michiana Pottery Tour a huge success! Your support is greatly appreciated.

Passport Winners

There were over 100 visitors that got a stamp at every stop and filled out the contact information completely. Here is a list of the winners:

  • James Malone – pots from stop #7
  • Patricia Hagenbuch – pots from stop #2
  • Morgan Underwood – pots from stop #6
  • Miles DeCarlo – pots from stop #1
  • K.C. Kimbriel – pots from stop #5
  • Theresa Maier – pots from stop #3
  • Theresa Upton – pots from stop #4

Thank you to everyone who participated and made it to all 7 stops in 2019!