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The 2023 Michiana Pottery Tour will take place at 10 locations on Saturday, September 23 from 10am to 5pm and Sunday, September 24 from 10am to 4pm. (All times EST)

Sept. 23

10:00am to 5:00pm

Sept. 24

10:00am to 4:00pm

The Michiana Pottery Tour includes more than 30 artists at multiple locations across northern Indiana and southwestern Michigan. The two day tour takes place on the final Saturday and Sunday of September every year.

We’re interested in promoting the Michiana region as a hub for contemporary ceramics. Michiana has been home to many clay artists for more than four decades. It is also a new home for many new and emerging ceramic talents.

We hope you enjoy the region, the potters, and the beautiful countryside as much as we do.

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2023 Participating Artists

Host #1: Mark Goertzen

13991 Timm Rd. Constantine, MI 49042

Sam Hostert

Lesley Bevan

Troy Bungart

Analuz Sainz Rodriguez

Host #2 : Alec Hoogland

2204 Spring Hill Dr. South Bend, IN 46628

Carly + Levi

Sarah Anderson

Briggan Mueller

Kathy Flores

Dexter Woods

Alyssa Westenbroek-Koste

Host #3: Norah Ruth Amstutz

1133 Allen Street South Bend, IN 46616

Mark Nafziger

Cristal Sabbagh

Becca Ito

Jenn Kaplan

Hans Miles

Host #4: Jesse Woodworth

175 Morton St, Shipshewana, IN 46565

Juan Barroso

Meghan Yarnell

Beale pottery

Mia Kunyo

Becca Otis

Host #5: Brandon “Fuzzy” Schwartz

56815 County Road 19 Bristol, IN 46507

Seth Green

Kim Marcadis

Doug McIndoe

Jonathan Pacheco

Kyle Hendrix

Natasha Overton

Host #6: Dick Lehman

18359 Co Rd 28 Goshen, IN 46528

Lorie Marsh

Britney Smith

Steph Galli

Jason Wesaw

Host #7: Sadie Misiuk

2211 W Berkey Ave. Goshen, IN 46526

Brett Suave

Anna Szanfranski

Susan McBride

Amy Smith

Alex Paat

Nathan Pauls

Host #8: Justin Rothshank

63786 County Rd 33 Goshen, IN 46528

Justin Paik Reese

Quinn Maher

Taylor Mezo

Jessica Brandl

Keith Hershberger

Host #9: Trevor Daugherty

1708 Lincolnway E. Goshen, IN 46526

Isaac Shue

Yesha Panchal

Joseph Delphia

Steve and Louise Skinner

Host #10: Eric Kaufmann

212 W. Washington St. Goshen, IN 46526

Bruce Bishop

Jerry Lapp

Kristen O’dell

Seth Kraybill

Cindy Cooper

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Meredith McGriff

Author, The Michiana Potters

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Commitment to Diversity

The Michiana Pottery Tour is a regional arts tour, highlighting potters working in and around Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan. The tour began in 2012 and continues to grow each year as a collaborative effort among local host potters. The tour has expanded to include some national and international invited guest artists over the years.

As a collective of artists we recognize that the land we host our tour on is the ancestral home of the Potawatomi Nation. The Potawatomi people were stewards of this land for many generations leading up to an unjust treaty in 1828 when the land was taken by the United States Government and the Potawatomi were forcefully removed and relocated. We stand in solidarity against the systemic racial and ethnic discrimination that has been part of our country since it’s inception.

We recognize that, with a founding group of midwestern artists, our tour does not adequately represent the diversity of artists currently working in ceramics, even within our own region. Our goal is to host a tour that continues to provide opportunities for education about the broad field of contemporary ceramics. We will strive to broaden the diversity of artists we represent, and work to promote diversity within our field and our region. This includes making more opportunities for Black, Indigineous, People of Color, and other underrepresented communities and using our financial resources to support BIPOC organizations.